Open and Closed Cell Insulation Benefits

The benefits are numerous for insulation your home with our High Performance Insulation that provides the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Below is a comprehensive list of benefits you will receive.

Long Term Cost Savings

  • Constant payback from ongoing energy savings.
  • Home will use 40%-50% less energy which will allow you to keep thousands of dollars over the life of the home.

Comfort Level

  • A tightly insulated home will provide greater comfort and eliminate drafty spots that are common in many new homes.

Healthier Home Environment

  • Stops all air transfer through the walls between outside and inside.
  • Keeps dust, pollen and pests out of your home.


  • Significantly blocks outside noise infiltration.


  • Unlike traditional fiber glass, our spray foam insulation will never settle or deteriorate.

Increased Resale Value

  • By 2010 40%-50% of the homes built are expected to have 3-5 green elements (Source: McGraw-Hill Construction).
    Our insulation is a major piece of green building science and will become a sought after feature.
  • A $1 reduction in annual utility bills can add as much as $20 to the value to your home (Source: The Appraisal Journal).
    That is a $10,000 potential increase with $500 in annual savings. Most homes will experience savings greater tahn $500 per year.

Keeps All 6 Mechanisms of Heat Loss or Gain Under Control

  • These are conduction, radiant losses, air convection, air infiltration, air intrusion and moisture accumulation.
  • Traditional fiberglass only controls one of these 6 mechanisms, leaving the other 5 unchecked.

Exclusive Closed Cell Insulation Benefits

Healthier Home Environment

  • Provides moisture control to stop water intrusion.
    Prevents mold and mildew from growing in the walls.


  • Walls will nearly double in strength due to the studs, sheathing and foam being “glued” together.
  • Prevents the popping and creaking noises that are common in most houses.